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A candle's function can be as simple as providing light, to adding romance. For a candle to be formed today, three components are necessary. These are machinery, wax and wick.


The wick, made of cotton fibres that are either twisted or braided, is the soul of the candle, and catches the eye with a bright, even flame. The wick produces the candle flame by burning up wax and cotton fibre, transporting the molten liquid wax up the wick, to fuel the flame. A good wick ensures that the candle burns with a clean, constant flame, and without smoking, smelling and dripping.

The size and shape of the candle determines which wick is used. In turn, the correct selection of wick determines the burning quality and burning time.

Our experienced candle makers choose the best wick for every candle we make.


We use top-quality waxes made right here in South Africa for the manufacture of our high-quality candles. Sasol, using the Fischer-Tropsch process of chemical synthesis, makes synthetic wax from pure natural gas that we use in our candles. The benefits of this wax are unique. The candle, when burning does not drip or smoke. It burns with a bright flame and does not melt on even the hottest days.


Domestic candles are popular in all households and are the mainstream of Price's Candles business. Price's Candles produces the smooth sided, fluted or ribbed candle. There are six candles to a wrapper, and every candle burns for at least nine hours. Our candles just burn longer!